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“What if Israel had believed the gospel of the Kingdom and repented when Jesus Christ was here? Would that have jeopardized the necessity of Christ dying for the sins of the world and, therefore, the salvation of human beings?

                                                                                                          Answered by Dr. Renald Showers

What is the purpose of animal sacrifices in the Millennium.

The future function of the millennial temple [Ezekiel 40–48 (Ezek 48)] has long been problematic for dispensationalists in view of the finished work of Christ. Light is shed on this problem by noting the original theocratic purpose of OT sacrifices. This purpose was functionally distinct from that of the redemptive work of Christ. Millennial sacrifices will not simply memorialize Christ's redemption but will primarily function in restoring theocratic harmony.

Answered by Dr. John Whitcomb