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Classes Available

Classes Available

Visions of God - Studies in Ezekiel

Beginning with Chapter 1 we study the visions of God which Ezekiel witnessed and wrote about.

In these visions we will see the throne of God, the Cherbim angels, the prophetic history of the nation of Israel, including the modern history of Israel -  as prophesied by the dry bones, the battle of Gog-Magog, and Ezekiel's vision of the Millennial Temple.

A New Testament Chronological Study

When I was a student at Grace Theological Seminary, I was presented with an Old Testament chart created by Dr. Paul Fink that has become a major help to me as I study the Old Testament. His chart has helped me to follow a normal/literal, historical, and grammatical interpretation of the Bible.

It was Dr. Fink’s chart that helped me to realize that the order of the books of the Bible can affect our interpretation of the Bible. In this study, I have created a New Testament chart to accomplish the same purpose.

Connecting the "Dots" of the Tabernacle and Temple

In this short series, we study the history of the Tabernacle and Temples in Israel's history. By "connecting the dots" we see how God designed the Tabernacle, followed by a series of Temples all bringing God's plan for Israel to its Millennial Kingdom

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