Connecting the Dots . . .

       CMI-TV      Classes for Bereans

           In-Depth Bible Teaching - Acts 17:11                    

To get our app follow these simple basic steps:

     1) Download and install the Sermon Audio ChurchOne app by going to your app store:

         Apple App Store          or           Google Play App Store               or        Kindle Fire App Store

     2) Search for "ChurchOne by Sermon Audio" and install.

     3) Open the app.

     4) Click on "Get Started"

     5) Answer "Allow ChurchOne to access this device location?" - chose to use or not.

                The app uses this to find churches in your area. I would not allow.

     6) Search for "Congdon Ministries International" - it should appear and show my name - tap

                on the greyed area with our name - select us.

     7) To be sure to always have it open with our ministry, tap "Select Broadcaster."

     8) Now every time you use this ChurchOne app it will go directly to our channel.

     9) Scroll down for videos/audios.


      If you have any questions, contact us

ChurchOne App - CMI-TV

If ever asked our Member ID is CMI-TV and our Church Code ID is 28276

Our app will appear on you device as ChurchOne

Once set for CMI-TV you will be able to see or hear all our videos

It is a FREE