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The Inter-testament Period of History

400 BC to Birth of Christ

God's Progression of Gentile Kingdoms

Part 1 - An overview of God's use of Gentile kingdoms of earth as part of His plan and purpose of history.

Moving from the first kingdom of God on the earth in the Garden of Eden to God's ultimate kingdom on the New Earth, the progression shows those interium kingdoms, ruled by Satan as "god" of this world and how they prepare the world for the coming Millennial Kingdom of Jesus Christ.

Part 2 - Presents Nebuchadnezzar and Daniel's dreams of the four interium earthly kingdoms, recorded in Daniel 2, 7, 8.

Clearly, through these prophesies, God demonstrates that He is in control of kings, kingdoms, and the world around us.

The Inter-Testament Period

Part 1 - The Inter-Testament Period begins with the book of Malachi. This video/audio answers two major biblical questions.

The first answers the puzzle as to why Daniel's 70-Week (490 years) Prophecy is divided into three periods of history? Why is the first division (49 years) never explained, while the second (434 years) and third (7 years) divisions are well defined?

The second answers why this was God's last message to His beloved nation or Israel, before a 400-years silence between the book of Malachi and the birth of the Lord.

Part 2 - Before the 400-Year Silence

This lesson considers the state of the priesthood and the people in the days just before the 400-year silence begins. The 400- years are the time between the prophet Malachi and the birth of Jesus Christ. Prior to His silence, God accused the priesthood and the people of wearying Him with their false accusations against Him. This study explains the meaning behind God's statement "I loved Jacob, and I hated Esau" in Malachi 1. Clearly, God's purpose was chastisement of Israel and not its destruction.

Part 3 - Prepare Ye The Way

Why do the wicked prosper and the godly suffer? When will God make things right?

This was the question of the Jewish people in Malachi's day. While they were experiencing very difficult days and watching their culture's decline, God offered them answers.

In this video/audio, Dr. Congdon explains how Malachi's God-inspired answers to these questions are very appropriate for our days. Significantly, we can see a parallel between the failure of Israel and the failure of the church today. Two alternate paths are offered to God's people - one leads to failure and the other to reward.

Highlighted are the blessings Israel had received from God, the failures of Israel toward God, and the result of their failure to prepare for Christ Firs'st coming to the earth.

Malachi's warning to Israel was very appropriate for true believers living in those days, and even more so, for us who are living in the latter days of the church age prior to Christ's Second Coming.

Part 4 - 6

  Class 4 - Who are the Essenes, Zealots, and others

  Class 5 - Alexander the Great

  Class 6 - The Ptolemies & the Septuagint (LXX)

  Class 7 - Antiochus Epiphanies & Hanukkah